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Ford F-150 Truck Apps Video



The F-150 Truck apps offer fast access to off-road information and a trailer app that simplifies hauling multiple trailers.

During our 2014 F-150 Tremor review we spent time checking out the For F-150 Truck apps that are on the popular F-150 line of trucks.

If you haul a trailer on a regular basis, you’ll appreciate the ability to store up to 10 trailers and a connection checklist to make sure you are ready to haul various types of trailers.

See what Ford Truck apps can do in a F-150.

See what Ford Truck apps can do in a F-150.

Take a look at the F-150 Truck apps that are on the 4.2-inch display that is behind the steering wheel on most F-150 trucks. If you see a small LCD here, you can use the D-Pad on the steering wheel to use these F-150 Truck apps.

Ford F-150 Truck Apps Video

Watch the Ford F-150 Truck apps video below for a three-minute look at the Truck apps you can use in your Ford F-150. We used the 2014 F-150 Tremor to check out these Ford Truck apps, but they are available on many F-150 vehicles.

Ford F-150 Truck Apps – Off-Road

If you take the F-150 off-road, you’ll appreciate at least one of the Truck apps that Ford includes. On the main screen you can select Truck app and Off-road for a screen that shows you important information about your truck while driving off-road.

Ford Truck apps include off-road and trailer apps.

Ford Truck apps include off-road and trailer apps.

If you don’t go off-road often this Ford Truck app may sound useless, but if you need to know how much your truck is leaning to a side or front to back this app helps. You can see,

  • Pitch – How steep the incline or decline is.
  • Tilt – How much your truck is tilting to a side.
  • Wheel Position – Which direction and how much your wheels are turned.
  • Rear Differential – Is the Locking Rear Differential On or Off.

Our 2014 F-150 Tremor only offer two-wheel drive, but this screen may also show if four-wheel drive is engaged. While taking the 2014 F-150 off-road over a steep incline this was handy in knowing what the truck was doing. If you are at home in a truck you may not need the help of this app, but if the F-150 is your first truck, or you normally drive on a highway or road it is a nice touch.

Ford F-150 Truck Apps – Trailers

If you haul a trailer the F-150 Truck app for trailers is one you need to check out. You can store up to 10 trailers in this and track the miles you put on as well as helpful information to make sure you haul a trailer safely as well as adjust settings like trailer brake control and trailer sway if equipped.

The Ford Truck apps for trailers is handy for occasional trailer haulers.

The Ford Truck apps for trailers is handy for occasional trailer haulers.

The F-150 Truck App for towing is especially handy if you need to track how many miles you put on a variety of trailers and you need to adjust trailer brake control for each trailer. Drivers who need to tow occasionally, but not on a regular basis will appreciate the towing checklist to make sure everything is connected and ready to roll before you hit the gas.

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F-150 owners often ask if there are other Ford Truck apps to install, but that is it. There is also an option to see transmission temperature, but other than that, this is what you get.



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  2. Jim

    10/12/2016 at 8:34 am

    I know Dodge has an app for trucks towing trailers letting you find the gas stations that you can get into easily, etc. would be nice if Ford had one.

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