Forget Instagram for Android, Try Streamzoo

There’as an insane amount of interest in Instagram for Android, but so far there’s no Instagram Android app.

And Instagram for Android isn’t right around the corner.

You could be sad and mope around, and that might lead to some interesting photos, but instead, why not check out an awesome instagram Android alternative — Streamzoo.

Streamzoo is a free photo sharing and editing application like Instagram, but it is available on multiple platforms. You can also share videos on Streamzoo, but there are no filters to apply.

I spent the weekend using Streamzoo on my Android phone and on my Galaxy Nexus, and had a great time sharing photos, applying effects and joining a thriving community. Some users may not like that the the web version allows users to upload photos taken on other cameras, such as DSLRs, but this didn’t bother me.

One of the really nice things about following users and topics on Streamzoo is that users are prompted to tag their photos with hashtags, like you might see on Twitter. This makes it easy to follow #android or #iphone photos, or to dial in on #sunsets and #puppies or #capturedmoments. The apps make it simple to add these tags to your photos and just as easy to follow streams of topics that interest you.

Streamzoo controls

Streamzoo is an excellent alternative to Instagram on Android.

When it comes to editing photos, you can add a photo you’ve already taken or capture a photo right from the app. I prefer to take photos and edit them later, so I can keep shooting, but whatever your style, you can use this app.

Streamzoo allows you to apply a number of filters from LoMo and Masterpiece to Sunshine, Industrial, Golden and Vibrant to spruce up your picture. After applying a filter, you can add borders and add tiltshift, which selectively blurs some of your photo to draw the eye to the main attraction.  Finally, you can adjust Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast before you share.

When you share, your photo will post to Streamzoo and optionally to Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler. Streamzoo makes editing and sharing a snap, and the tagging is simple thanks to a list of your frequently used tags.

Here’s a collection of photos I edited and shared on Streamzoo – Look for me on Streamzoo as JoshASmith:

You may not be able to follow your friends on Instagram with the Streamzoo app, but there is a thriving community on Stramzoo, and an app for both iPhone and Android so you just need to invite your friends over.

Download Streamzoo for Android | for iPhone

If Streamzoo isn’t for you, check out these Android photography apps to help you edit and share your Android photos.