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Forget the Selfie Stick, Check out the Snap Pets Camera



Here at the annual Consumer Electronics Show live in Las Vegas we’ve seen all kinds of gadgets and electronics, but one that we’ve surprisingly seen a lot of is the “selfie stick”. A wand to hold your smartphone in order to take easier selfies.

For some odd reason the selfie stick has taken the world by storm over the past few months, and it was an extremely popular item that was hard to find in stock all holiday season long, but it’s time is almost already up. Forget the selfie stick, a new company here at CES has a similar yet different product called the Snap Pets.

Essentially Snap Pets is just a remote camera that takes better photos than your front facing camera and a selfie stick shaking in your excited hands, or an inebriated friend. These cute little cameras connect to your iPhone or smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can put them anywhere to snap a photo.


When it comes to taking photos for social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram these days there are a wide array of ways to get a photo. These days people take photos for everything. Eating dinner, time to take a selfie. The “selfie” has taken social networks by storm, and thus, the selfie stick was born.

Rather than hold a pole with your $600 smartphone attached to it and risk it falling, not to mention shaking as you attempt to hold up your pole, the Snap Pets is a standalone camera that does the same thing. Snap Pets has a different angle. Simply put a “Snap Pets” anywhere you’d like, and remotely click the shutter button from your smartphone. It has a small built-in VGA camera, connects wirelessly to your smartphone, and you can control it right from your device.


It’s an odd approach, but they want to take over the selfie stick before the madness continues any further. Snap Pets have a neat little design that will surely be popular with teenagers, a friendly and easy to use app, and will retail for $29 this Spring. Below is a sample photo taken with Snap Pets, showing the kind of quality one can expect from the VGA camera on board.


Similar to a Snapchat, the selfie photos are small in size so they’re easy to transfer via Bluetooth to your smartphone for easy sharing on a social network of choice.

Selfie sticks are all the rage right now, but it’s a trend that likely won’t last. Grab a Snap Pets this Spring for $29.99.

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