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Forum status update, potential downtime



Beta testing on our new Forums area is going very well. We are getting a lot of good feedback and participation already. The general consensus among beta testers is that they are very excited about this new addition and cannot wait for it to go live.

To prepare for the launch of Forums, we have to make a DNS change that will point to our new dedicated server. I’ll be making that DNS change at 4:00 PM MT today, which should give plenty of time for it to propogate through the internet by Friday’s launch. If you are having trouble getting to the site tonight and tomorrow, you’ll know why. Just keep trying. Usually within 12 – 48 hours, your internet providers’ DNS settings will get updated with the new address.

At that time, our current site will be on the new server and we’ll activate the Forums link sometime on Friday. Your patience during this transition will be much appreciated and I trust any downtime will be worth it once the Forums launch on Friday.

On behalf of the entire GBM Team,

Rob Bushway

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