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Founder UMPC coming to the U.S.?



FounderLayne Heiny of says he knows how the Founder Origami / UMPC is coming to the U.S. Unfortunately, he’s not telling us much else except that we will all be surprised.

Any guesses?


If we measure the growth of a market by the introduction of new products then the UMPC market continues to grow leaps and bounds. In fact, US residents should see two new models soon. Clearing throat – pause – I’m not sure if that translates to weeks or months. Regardless, the UMPC market is growing.

Several months ago I learned how the Founder UMPC would enter the US market. The system will not carry the Founder name. No, I cannot spill the beans and provide you the name of the company who will relabel the Founder, but all UMPC watchers will be pleasantly surprised and happy. The company will back the product with wonderful service.

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