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Founder UMPC specs on UMPCBuzz.com …



The folks (the infamous Heiny bunch) over at UMPCBuzz.com have been digging around on the internet. What they found was a set of specifications on the Founder UMPC models. (Original specs were in Chinese, so translation may be a bit rough)

Looks like there will be three models of the MiniNote UMPC:

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  • (VUM400-400)
  • (VUM400-410)
  • (VUM400-420)
  • Processor
    • Uses Intel ® ULV Celeron ®900MHz (the Dothan essence)
    • Intel ® ULV Pentium ®1GHz (Dothan essence)
  • Operating system
    • Pre-installed Microsoft ® Windows ® XP family version
  • Chip group Intel ® 915 GMS chip group
  • Memory 256MB/512MB DDRII memory
  • Display monitor 7-inch W
  • Hard disk 30G
  • I/O port 1 power source connection
  • 1 microphone jack
  • 1 telephone jack
  • 2 USB 2.0 connections
  • Port duplication connection
  • Wireless accesses the net In sets at the blue tooth module and the 802.11b/g non- wire card, may through clear the GPRS function the blue tooth handset or the wireless local area network realizes the Internet visit
  • Keyboard Folds the keyboard (to sele
  • 1.3 million picture elements
  • Battery 3 cores intelligences lithium ion battery
  • Bestows Joylink software
  • Size 225.5mm x 144mm x 23/25mm (8.85″ x 5.66″ x 0.9″)
  • Weight Approximately 830g (actual weight can vary)

Be sure to head over to UMPCBuzz.com, signup in the forums, and have some good discussion!

(image and specs courtesy of www.umpcbuzz.com)

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