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Fourth-Class Cadets Heading to Class with Tablet PC’s



AlanB over in the forums posted a link to some information about the military being equipped with Tablet PC’s. 

“The end result is a ‘best value’ selection of a tablet which is required to last the cadets for all four years at the Academy.”  Mr. Bryant said the selection committee decided the educational reasons for choosing a tablet computer out-weighed the increased cost and weight for other computers since it can be used for taking hand-written notes in class, as well as math formulas, drawings, diagrams and other classroom formats.  Special educational software packages are also available specifically for use on tablet computers, such as Math Journal. The individual cost to 4th classmen for a computer was $2,176.

Seems as if they need to watch Warner’s Otterbox video as well…

With spills from beverages being the most common damage to them, computers in the past have also fallen victim to vehicle tires, dropping and theft.

One thing I found interesting is that the article says that the Tablet PC’s came preloaded with Windows XP 2005.  Seems like the military is ready to make the switch to Vista just yet.

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