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Fox News Debate: 5 Things To Know & How to Watch



The Fox News Debate is tonight with Google fact checking candidates and a big stir as Donald Trump still plans to skip the 7th Republican Debate — the last one before the Iowa Caucus.

There are actually two slots for the Fox News Debate with Google. The first starts at 7 PM and then a primetime Fox News Debate with more candidates at 9 PM Eastern.

With controversy as Trump says he will not join Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Bush and others in the primetime Fox News Debate and the Iowa Caucus kicking off the Republican presidential nomination process this is an evening where many people will be tuning in.

What you need to know about the Fox News Debate. Joseph Sohm /

What you need to know about the Fox News Debate. Joseph Sohm /

Google is participating in the last Fox News Debate with Google Search Trends data, questions from YouTube and real-time updates on Google Trends. Google will also put out responses from candidates during the debate to help share more information with voters.

Fox News Debate Times

The Fox News Debate starts at 7 PM Eastern with the first debate. This debate lasts one hour and then there is The O’Reilly Factor before the second one starts. The primetime Fox News Debate with Google starts at 9 PM Eastern and lasts for two hours until 11 PM Eastern.

You can watch the Fox News Debate live on your TV on Fox News or stream it online.

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Fox News Debate Live Stream Online

You can watch a Fox News Debate live stream online at your computer or on your phone using the Fox News and Google page that includes a free stream of the entire debate.

If you want to watch the Fox News Debate live on your iPhone or Android, the best way is to download the Fox News app for iPhone or Android free of charge, which will offer a better experience than trying to watch on a phone browser.

Fox News Debate Candidates

The Fox News Debate is split into two separate events that include four candidates in the 7 PM debate and space for eight in the 9 PM debate, but one of them may be missing.

7 PM Fox News Debate Lineup

  • Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina
  • former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
  • former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum
  • former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore

Fox News Debate Lineup

9 PM Fox News Debate Lineup

  • Billionaire businessman Trump
  • Texas Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Florida Sen. Marco Rubio
  • retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson
  • former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
  • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich
  • Kentucky Sen. Paul

Even though Trump is listed, it does not look like he will be at the event, as he is hosting his own event later.

Donald Trump Event

There is a special Donald Trump event at the same time as the Fox News Debate. a katz /

There is a special Donald Trump event at the same time as the Fox News Debate. a katz /

Donald Trump is not participating in the Fox News Debate. Instead he is holding his own event to benefit Veterans in Iowa.

The free event starts at 7 PM CST in Iowa at Drake University. There is no current information on a Donald Trump Veterans Event live stream, but speaking to CNN, the Trump campaign said that networks are free to offer a live Stream of Trump’s speech and the event.

Fox News Debate Google Details

During the Fox News Debate, if you Google, “Fox News Debate” you will see cards that include quotes and more information.

Fox News Debate Google Details

Here’s what Google has to say, “By publishing long-form text, photos and videos throughout the debate, campaigns can now give extended responses, answer questions they didn’t get a chance to on stage, and rebut their opponents.”

Look for more information right within search results that helps you understand what a candidate said and expect to see more information than the candidate could share on stage.

Fox News Debate Live Polling

In addition to the new search results, there will also be questions from YouTube, live trends data of the search interest and opportunities to answer polling questions on Google.

Fox News Debate Polling Trends

Fox News will share responses to the poll questions on air after the debate. You can participate by searching Fox News Debate on Google at 7 PM Eastern today.



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