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Foxconn CEO Comfirms Apple’s iTV Preperations



Foxconn CEO Tery Gou mentioned the Apple HDTV in a press conference. This is pretty firm evidence that the real “iTV”will be coming to market soon.

According to China Daily, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said the factory is “making preparations for iTV.” The company hasn’t started production for the fabled HDTV just yet, but it will eventually.

Given Foxconn’s longstanding relationship with Apple, it seems more likely that Gou said the company is preparing for the iTV should Apple want to create such a device. Foxconn certainly has knowledge of Apple products before the rest of us, but it is strange for the CEO to just talk about unannounced Apple products at a press conference.

The Apple iTV may look like a larger version of the company’s LED Cinema Display. Some rumors floating around state that Apple’s HDTV will be significantly larger than the company’s Thunderbolt Display and feature a similar aluminum casing.

According to recent rumors, the iTV will use the built-in iSight for FaceTime video calls. The camera would be able to zoom in on faces so users can sit on a couch across the room from the TV and the person on the other end of the FaceTime call wouldn’t have to squint to see their friend.

The Apple HDTV is also said to have Siri. We hope that if the iTV is real, its implementation of Siri is more powerful than the version on the iPhone 4S. We heard Siri on the TV can start FaceTime calls, and it’d be nice to know the service can control everything on the iTV so we don’t have to worry about using remotes at all.

Rumored release dates for the device ranger from later this year to 2014.

Apple currently sells a set-top box called the Apple TV that plugs into users’ existing HDTVs.

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