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Free Android Apps, Games and Books Celebrate Google Play Birthday



Earlier this week we started hearing chatter about Google offering games, apps, movies, books, magazines and more all for free or heavily discounted on the Google Play Store. The reason for the deals is to celebrate a birthday.

Today the Google Play Store turns two years old. Originally known as the Android Market, which has been around for more than a few years, the redesigned and improved Google Play Store is celebrating its second birthday today by giving the millions and millions of Android users a few deals worth checking out.


Starting today in the US and elsewhere users will find an assortment of decent deals on apps, games, movies, books, magazines, and everything else available from the Google Play Store. From heavily discounted apps and books, to free albums from top artists in the US and more.

Like last year, and other birthdays, Google will likely be switching these out almost every day and offering new and exciting deals all week long. One worth looking at is QuizUp, an excellent game for trivia fans.

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This isn’t quite as good as the week-long $0.10 cent deals Google’s offered in years past, but there’s still plenty of apps or music worth checking out. Some may not seem like deals, but there’s exclusive in-app purchase deals in a few games and magazine subscriptions, so check them out.

We’ll update if more deals and exclusives appear, but expect more than a few different options throughout the week as Google celebrates two years with the Google Play Store supplying Android users with endless entertainment.



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