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Free Apple iWork Update Available Today



Apple’s popular and increasing more impressive iWork productivity suite received its last major update back in April, but today along with the release of its next-generation Mac operating system, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, they’ve confirmed a new and improved free update to iWork is available starting today.

Apple, Microsoft, and Google each have competing apps or suites for you to create and edit documents and they all want those documents stored in their respective clouds. Today along with the new OS X update, is a huge update for all those who use iWork on a daily basis.

Today Apple took the stage to announce some impressive iPhone 6 sales numbers, new features and the release of OS X 10.10, and of course the new iPad Air 2. However, many are still excited about the free new update to iWork.


Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi took the stage to show off many of the new features of Yosemite, and while that is the star of the show and available today, iWork received a sizable update as well. While Apple didn’t take nearly as much time to talk about iWork, users can expect the new and improved suite to be available starting this afternoon from the Mac App Store.

To closer match the new OS X Yosemite, iWork received a brand new user interface with matching typography, and a bold new look. The design is extremely clean, elegant, and flat to again match the beautiful OS X 10.10 release. The office suite, which includes Pages for writing, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations, now comes with full iCloud integration. Seamlessly access Numbers, Keynote, or anything else all from the cloud.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.10.42 AM

Apple took a few minutes up on stage to demonstrate plenty of the the new features and impressive design changes from iWork, ones which will have many business users extremely excited. Keynote for example, gets all the same flat design changes, but also is improved for ease of use.

This was demonstrated by Apple firing up Keynote, changing some pictures and slides simply by dragging a few images, and even changing the big bold title of their Chief Of Secrecy Steven Colbert. They even called him live on stage for some casual fun and comedic moments while showcasing a few of the many new features of Keynote and the entire iWork suite.


The entire iWork suite is getting a major update today, all for free, and the moment it becomes available we’ll update with additional details and the full changelog for each respective app.

Again, the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite update is available immediately starting today from the Mac App Store, and along with it is the entire iWork Suite. Head to your app store now and get the latest and greatest from Apple.

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