Free Assassin's Creed Unity Add-ons Arrive
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Free Assassin’s Creed Unity Add-ons Arrive



Dead Kings, the downloadable add-on for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity adventure game for the Xbox One and PS4, is now available for everyone who purchased the game absolutely free of charge.

The Dead Kings add-on for Assassin’s Creed Unity became available for free to everyone overnight, just as Ubisoft promised it would last week. Ubisoft announced it would be giving the Dead Kings DLC away to Assassin’s Creed Unity buyers as an apology for the state the game shipped in this past November. There were bugs galore, some of them were relatively small. Others could cause you to lose progress in the game or completely lock your console.


To get the free Dead Kings add-on Assassin’s Creed Unity buyers need only install the game on their Xbox One or PS4 and download it from their console’s store. For example, on the Xbox One users should go to the Store tab, hit the search button and look up Assassin’s Creed Unity. Dead Kings is listed under add-on content on the game’s profile page. Gamers who purchased a digital or disc-based copy of the title but aren’t in front of their console now can start the download from the Xbox One SmartGlass and PlayStation companion apps on their smartphone. The download isn’t small, but that makes sense giving how much is actually included in the add-on.

Dead Kings is so big that it made up one of the big reasons buyers of Assassin’s Creed Unity also picked up a Season Pass. Since it was a highlight of the Season Pass, Ubisoft began giving out free games to users who purchased the Season Pass for Assassin’s Creed Unity before they decided to give it out to everyone for free.

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In Dead Kings, Assassin’s Creed Unity players leave the bright light and mostly cheerful city of Paris behind for Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis is he ancestral burial ground of French Kings; and it’s hinted at in Ubisoft’s description that players will need to track down a group of thugs raiding the tombs. It appears as if the overwhelming majority of the time spent in Saint-Denis will have players underneath the city, in those catacombs. These catacombs sound a lot like the tombs and passages that were underneath Paris in the game’s campaign.

Dead Kings comes with a completely new story that should satisfy anyone looking for some more adventure before the next Assassin’s Creed game. Again, this isn’t a single mission, it’s an entirely new story. Besides the single player missions, there’s new multiplayer missions for users to complete with their friends and even more activities. Ubisoft also promises more “open-world activities” so players can expect more mysteries, more chests to find and new weapons and clothing to purchase using in-game currency.

To start out with, every player is getting the Guillotine Gun. It’s a mash-up of a giant long-range gun and an axe. Like other weapons in the game, users will be able to upgrade the Guillotine Gun once they gain more experience.

A trailer for the upcoming game add-on sets the tone. It appears as if years have passed since players and Arno Dorian battle with the Templar Order for the soul of France back in Paris. There are skulls everywhere, and there’s no sunlight to be side. There’s a different atmosphere here, one of treasure hunting instead of hunting down Templars in the street. It’s unclear why Arno is interested in stopping the grave robbers, but it’s implied that if he doesn’t they may get access to something dangerous hidden behind a door.

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