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Free Battery Cover with Wireless Charger Purchase at Verizon



I’ve been looking forward to wirelessly charging my HTC ThunderBolt since the day I saw the LG wireless charger months and months ago.

We’ve seen the battery backs for several devices, but up until now haven’t been tempted to pay the pricey fee for a battery charger and battery back.

The Verizon deal of the month helps with this problem, by including a free wireless battery cover for select smartphones with the purchase of a wireless charger.

When you purchase the Wireless Charging Pad from Verizon before the end of August you can get one of the following 5 battery covers free,

Verizon Wireless Charging Pad

Verizon Wireless Charging Pad

The Wireless Charging pad retails for $69.99 and is available online and in many stores.

When you place your  smartphone on the wireless charger you’ll get an audible tone telling you it is in the correct position, and a LED will indicate that it has been fully charged.

The wireless charger for Verizon smartphones uses similar technology to the Powermat chargers, but are not compatible with Powermat backs and chargers. These Verizon wireless charging backs use qi technology which is compatible with Energizer chargers.

If you can purchase a new battery cover that supports wireless charging, you get a sleeker profile than with an add on case, but you do add a little bulk over the traditional battery door. These battery covers are not compatible with extended batteries.

Is a free battery cover enough to get you on board with wireless charging?



  1. Darshan Thanki

    08/02/2011 at 12:52 pm

    Hey Its a good post, Josh!

    The wireless charging is not even possible for the practicle usage because the distance issues.

    Scientists have also developed the new scheme called “capacitive charging” to achieve a medium range wireless charging facility.

    I am making a project on the same topic, I have also written an introductory post on Wireless Charging it lies here..

    Its good to read your post. Thanks. :)

  2. Caecillialove

    10/07/2011 at 10:50 am

    are these covers made by energizer??? or made by other company?

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