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James Kendrick over at JKOnTheRun posted this about free ebooks available for the summer.  As you may have seen via my post about struggling with Microsoft Reader Woes”, I like to read ebooks on my tablet PC.  SInce I had issues with Reader activation, I switched for a ewhile to the classics, a lot of which are available in the public domain (and thus have no DRM issues).  I use the University of Virginia’s Free EBook Library a lot, but as James reports, there are other sources also:

“The World eBook Library and Project Gutenberg are joining forces to offer over 300,000 free ebooks from July 4th through August 4th this summer.  The World eBook Library normally charges $8.95 per year for access to their massive ebook library that consists of ebooks, documents and articles but for this one month they are opening their “doors” to allow free downloads.  Most of the works are those no longer protected by copyrights and thus in the public domain and most of the classics in American literature can be obtained through these two ebook providers and thus free through this project.”

Well, I must say I have enjoyed the couple weeks or so of reading some of the classics.  I have read Tom Sawyer, several Sherlock Holmes short stories, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and have downloaded a ton of others that keeps my virtual library quite full.

If you have never tried an eBook, it is a great way to read, espcially if you are in the habiit of reading at night before bed.  And with thousands of classics available in any flavor you want, cost is no object!

One point to note though is that the experience reading eBooks is definitely better with a slate Tablet.  Easier to hold, less weight — you get the point.  I am however looking forward to trying them on a UMPC.

Do you have experiences or other sources for good eBooks?  Let us know!

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