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Free Exchange mail services can make mobility easier



Rob picked up this little tidbit from Vasanth Dharmaraj’s blog today, and we thought we would pass it on as just a general tip to mobile users. Vasanth by the way has been a great help to the GottaBeMobile team in some behind the scenes efforts with dasBlog, which runs our news process blog.  The help has been most useful!

When you are on the move, keeping up with email is always an issue.  In my day to day life, I need to watch my email accounts (yes I said “accounts” with an “s”) closely for any important information.  people expect me to answer email quickly, and it is always an issue when I do not get my email for a few hours or more.

So what are your options?  For me, I solve that with a Microsoft Exchange account that I have on my own network, which offers “push” email via Activesync to my Motorola Q Smartphone, an “RPC over HTTP” connection with my tablet pc, Outlook Web Access (OWA) to check mail via the web, and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) via my web browser on my smartphone.  Very cool.  I can get to my email most anywhere I am using one method or another.

  But what if you do not have all that functionality offered through your own Exchange server?  In comes’s “Mail2Web Live” service.  It is free, and offers almost all the same Exchange functionality with the exception of the “RPC over HTTP” (which you can get I believe if you pay for it though).  It will also allow you to aggregate multiple accounts as well.  You can’t get full POP3 access etc. for free, but being able to use OWA, OMA, and ActiveSync gives you lots of options!


To check it out, go to the Mail2Web site.

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