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Free Monthly 4G Wireless Service w/ One-Time $39 Mobile Hotspot Purchase from FreedomPop



The MiFi 4082 mobile hotspot is FreedomPop is offering free 4G wireless Internet with the one-time purchase of a mobile hotspot for just $39.99. Usually it’s only 500MB of free 4G data per month, but for Gotta Be Mobile readers they’re throwing in 2GB of free data for the first month as part of a promotional deal. Read on to learn more about this deal and to see if it might be the right solution for you.

FreedomPop is the nation’s very first Free Internet Service Provider. They’re a mobile virtual network operator, which means it doesn’t own or run its own cellular network. Instead, FreedomPop piggybacks off of Sprint’s 4G and nationwide 3G networks in order to provide consumers with a reliable and free Internet experience.FreedomPop-deal-mifi

With a free monthly data plan option, consumers finally have the option of avoiding monthly fees from large carriers each month without having to give up their mobile data connections completely. Users can upgrade to a higher data plan if they require more usage in a given month, and then go back to the free plan when they please. This method of doing business is a lot different that the expensive contracts most wireless subscribers are used to.
To give the company’s service a try, all you need to do is visit and order the FreedomPop MiFi 4082 Nationwide Hotspot for $39.99. That’s 70% off the device’s $129.99 MSRP.  Standard 3-7 day shipping is free as part of the promotion.

The first 2GB of data is thrown in for free, so you’re essentially paying $20 for the hardware. After that, customers can enjoy 500MB of 4G data for free every month or continue to pay $19.99 per month for 2GB of data.  FreedomPop allows subscribers to accumulate more free data by referring friends and completing advertising offers. For $3.99 extra per month you can add Nationwide 3G coverage to use when you’re roaming. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees if you decide the service isn’t right for you.


like a really thick credit card that can easily fit in any pocket. Up to five computers, smartphones or tablets can connect to it at a time and it can run for up to six hours on a single charge. If you need more than six hours of juice you can charge it by connecting it to any USB port or charger.

While most smartphones offer hotspot functionality, there are downsides to making your smartphone pull double duty. Using a smartphone as a hotspot can quickly drain its battery. Some wireless carriers charge steep fees to enable phones’ mobile hotspot features, essentially charging users twice for the same data. Even worse, some wireless carriers won’t even allow subscribers on certain plans to use their phones as mobile hotspots unless they upgrade to much more expensive plans that include additional voice and text services they may not need. Adding a mobile hotspot to your mobile mix can help you skip over all of these issues.

A lot of people rely on free public WiFi networks when working and playing on the go. Connecting to unknown networks can put your privacy, credit card information, and other sensitive data at risk.  There’s simply no need to do that anymore. A mobile hotspot like this one ensures that you’re always on your own private WiFi network.  Visit to get this deal.


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