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Free on-screen keyboard gets enhanced



Forum member DevDoo6 has added some more features to the Free Keyboard that we posted a while back on the site.  This is now available for Tablet PC’s and UMPC’s other than the Q1U.  This is what they have to say:

The keyboard requires a minimum resolution of 1024×600. Lower resolutions will be supported in a future release.

Version 7.7.27 is now available from

This version incorporates key clicking sound for the keyboard. The sound significantly enhances the keyboard’s usability. It is particularly effective in detecting missed keys caused by the touch screen not registering a key press on occasions.

A known issue with this version is that the shifted alphanumeric keys only clicks intermittently.

Key clicks can be turned off using the -quiet command line option.

See readme.txt in the release package for further information.

I played with it for a little while when I had the Q1U – nice application and I am sure any feedback would be appreciated!!  Check it out in the forums.

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