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Free Titanfall Update to Deliver New Game Modes and More



Titanfall, the exclusive first-person shooter that Microsoft hoped would act as the Xbox One’s must have game for its first year, has been on store shelves for months. That isn’t stopping developer Respawn Entertainment from delivering more new features and play mechanics in a coming Titanfall update.

Respawn began talking about more about what users could expect from this upcoming Titanfall update at E3 2014 early yesterday.

What Titanfall players on the PC, Xbox One and PS3 are going to appreciate most are the two new game modes. Joining classic game modes like Attrition will be Marked For Death and Wingman LTS.

The Xbox One's first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

Marked For Death will pit two teams against each other, but the goal of the game mode is more sophisticated than just killing the opposing team. If you’re marked for death it’s your team’s job to protect you and your job to make sure you don’t get killed. Meanwhile the opposing team is trying to do exactly the same thing.  Wingman LTS, or Last Titan Standing is simply a more intimate version of the Last Titan Standing mode that’s already available in the game. The core differences is that this mode will require just two users on each team.

Despite its more than capable first-person shooting mechanics, there’s no more fun to be find than when users are actually paired with a Titan. When the original version of the game shipped, Titans sort of felt out of place, almost as scenery that users could’t customize very much. It’s an issue that the pilots in the game share too.

Starting with this update users will have a few different ways to customize either giant robot. For starters, users will be able to choose between different voices for their Titan. Two new voices will join the one that’s already in game, called Jeeves and Lisa. Users will also be able to earn decals for their Titan by completing challenges in the game too.

All told, this update seems to be the biggest and most aggressive Titanfall update yet. It won’t make pilots feel like they’re any less disposable or any more customizable, but custom loads outs already do a perfectly good job of that already.

As for when you can expect these changes in the game, that much remains unclear. Officially, Respawn Entertainment has only confirmed that users should expect the update to arrive on the Xbox One version and Windows versions of Titanfall later this month. That means users on the Xbox One will be able to customize their Titans before their counterparts on the Xbox 360. All of that being said, Xbox 360 users will get the update at some point, we just don’t know when.

Titanfall is exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. As such, PS4 and PS3 users shouldn’t look for this game update at all. New reports earlier today concluded that the direct sequel to Titanfall wouldn’t be exclusive to the Xbox however, that hasn’t been formally confirmed by Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, or Respawn Entertainment.

Unlike on the Xbox 360, Titanfall users won’t have to insert a disc before tracking down the title update when it’s available. The Xbox One will automatically download any title updates in the background if the user has the low power mode enabled, which it is on all Xbox One by default. That being said, an internet connection is definitely a must. That much every Titanfall user should have since there’s no way to play the game’s campaign mode or multiplayer without an internet connection.

Titanfall is available in the Xbox Store right now for $59.99 as a digital download. A new copy of the Titanfall for Xbox One still costs $59.99 today. Users who plan on purchasing the game might also want to pick up a season pass for the game’s downloadable content for $25. Doing so gives them access to all the current new maps that have debuted and will debut in the future.

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