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Free Vista upgrade coupons



Well, this is certainly good news for folks in the market for a new Vista capable PC. According to an article at, David Richards is reporting that Microsoft struck an agreement with PC vendors in July to offer free Vista upgrade coupons, an offer that will kick off in October 2006.

This will encourage those who are waiting to purchase a computer in order to get Vista to go ahead and buy a Vista capable system during the holiday buying season.

Microsoft has teamed up with PC vendors to promote the delayed Vista OS by offering PC buyers worldwide a free upgrade coupon, as a way of encouraging them to buy a Vista-capable PC as early as possible, according to market sources, citing information leaked from Taiwan-based PC makers.

With the coupon offer to kick off in October, prospective buyers who have planned to purchase a Vista-enabled PC in the first quarter of 2007 when the new OS is launched, will be encouraged to take up a Vista-capable PC in advance, the sources asserted.

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