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Freebee Of The Day: 5 Free iTunes Songs for Facebook Users



A friend of mine just passed this along and it works great – no purchase or spam required!

Type “ticketmaster live” into the search on facebook, it will display the “Ticketmaster Live” group. Join the group and you’ll be given a code for 5 free songs from iTunes. Copy the code and then go into the iTunes music store. On the right hand side of the front page of iTMS, you’ll see a link labeled “Redeem”. Click that and enter your code and you’ll get the 5 free songs.

Pretty cool, huh? By the way, if you are not already a Facebook member, be sure to look up our group – and join up. Update: there was a typo when setting up the group – it is called GottaBeMoible . thanks for catching that, Sierra. See, she’s already helping us out!

Thanks for the tip, Matt. I’m enjoying my free songs right now!

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