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CES 2013

FreedomPop Turns iPod Touch Into Cheap iPhone Alternative



While always having the latest and greatest smartphone is convenient, the associated cost is not one that many consumers are willing to pay. This being said there are many users who have an iPod touch or other iOS device that they would be willing to use at a lower plan cost if there was a way to connect to a mobile broadband network.

This is where companies such as FreedomPop step into the picture. At CES 2013, FreedomPop announced a new partnership with TextPlus to offer a more affordable range of plans. There are three different tiers to choose from but the most expensive is $15 / month and offers unlimited SMS, and up to 1000 voice minutes.

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FreedomPop also offers wireless Internet to iOS devices for free and also at much more reasonable plan costs. Consumers have started to take advantage of this and by using apps to take phone calls over Skype and also send text messages.


The way that FreedomPop works is that the user purchases a case with an embedded mobile broadband modem or a separate wireless hotspot to use with their device and by default FreedomPop gives users a free 500mb bucket of data. This is great for many users and the new partnership with Textplus will make the service even better than it currently is.

This is great for parents who do not want to purchase a full cellphone for their child, especially if they already own an iPod touch. And at $15 / month this beats almost every other carrier out there in terms of an affordable wireless plan.

The only other comparable service to FreedomPop is from Republic Wireless. The Republic Wireless option is a plan that is only $19 / month with no annual contract required that provides users with unlimited talk, text and data. The catch with this plan is you can only use the one phone that they offer but the savings with a plan like this may outweigh the limited amount device choices.

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