Foodies, Your Tablet Has Arrived – French QOOQ Is Made For The Kitchen

We’ve seen plenty of accessories that make it easier to deal with the iPad and other tablets in the kitchen, all aimed at protecting your precious slate from splashes and gunky fingers. However, the true hipster foodie in my soul longs for a tablet made specifically for cooks. It would be even better if it’s a tablet “you probably haven’t heard of.”

Enter the QOOQ tablet. The main reason you might not have heard of it is that it’s made in France for a French audience. Stereotypes inform us that all French people are excellent cooks, so this is bound to be an amazing tablet.

If you speak French you can buy one right now. If you don’t, maybe there will be a version for you available by the end of the year.


The QOOQ (pronounced “cook” with a fancy French accent) has been around since 2009 with the second generation coming out recently. QOOQ 2 has a Linux operating system — no indication which distro — and decent specs: 10.1 inch display, 1-GHz dual-core ARM A9 CPU, 8GB of memory, b/g/n Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, SD card slot, and a USB port.

It’s built to stand up on its edge thanks to the feet at the edges, which have rubber tips. and a thin kickstand. The feet also raise it up from the counter when when you lay it down. Unlike the iPad, this tablet can survive splashes and splatter and flour-covered fingers. You can even wipe it off with a wet cloths when it gets dirty.

qooq side view

Since the tablet serves as a portal for the QOOQ content — recipes, videos of chefs walking you through said recipes, etc. — it doesn’t have a typical computer user interface or even one much resembling Android. In this version there are some apps for accessing the web and email, playing video and music, checking the weather and making notes.

The QOOQ service has thousands of recipes and videos plus software tools to help chefs of all skill levels create the perfect dish. Plus, as you input more information and download more content the tablet will start to understand your preferences better. Plus, users can plan a week’s worth of meals, keep an interactive shopping list, and adjust a recipe to fit the size of the dinner guests.

French consumers can buy the QOOQ today for 349 Euro. The English version pricing has not been announced.

Any foodie worth her sea salt wouldn’t stand for this waiting crap. She’d sign up for French classes or download some Rosetta Stone right after making an international shipping order. Don’t you think?

Hat Tip: Chip Chick


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    02/08/2012 at 2:34 am

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    02/20/2012 at 6:27 pm

    nice tablet…

    new gadget


  3. sugnankumar

    02/19/2014 at 9:57 am

    wow its really good what is the price of it


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