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Fring for iPad Hits App Store with Group Video Calling



Back at the end of April, Fring released its new and improved application that brought group video chatting to the iPhone and to Android. Now, the company has brought the same feature along with their iPad application that was launched to the App Store today.


Because this is how group video chat really looks.

The application is currently free and offers cross-platform compatibility which means that you can talk to your friends who use a Nokia, Android or an iPhone using your iPad. It also works over both Wi-Fi or 3G so you can do so on-the-go if you wish. Text chatting is enabled and the app also also comes with a neat little split interface where you can easily switch between conversations and your buddy list. It also works with both cameras and can operate in both portrait and landscape orientations.

I’ve used the group chatting feature on the iPhone and it left something to be desired, namely, a larger screen. And that, obviously, is something that the iPad has.

So be sure to check out the demo below and if you’re interested, you can find Fring for the iPad right here.



  1. Anonymous

    06/28/2011 at 11:44 am

    I like the potential of this as a business phone service app that could be used for videoconferencing.

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