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Frontline Commando 2 Storms the App Charts, iPhone User’s Wallets



iPhone uses are constantly looking for the next low-priced game with new concepts to challenge them during their commute or free time. Frontline Commando 2, a recent game that’s quickly climbed to the top of the iTunes App Store charts, is neither one of those things.

Apparently, word of mouth and just fun gameplay have catapulted Frontline Commando 2 to the #7 spot in the iTunes Store’s list of popular free apps. Essentially, the game has adopted the third-person shooting mechanics of most console titles. However, its adoted those to concepts to fit the touch screen of the iPhone and iPad.

frontline commando 2

Users move their finger from right or left to control the game’s camera. They can also duck behind different objects in the game’s environment by tapping a simple on-screen cover button. User are rewarded with in-game rewards every time they finish a level. That in-game currency is used to let users customize their weapons and assemble a team of combat specialists. In all, there are 65 different squad members to choose from.

Frontline Commando 2 was developed by Glu Games Inc. Should users get bored with battling the game’s foes the developer had the foresight to include a PVP mulitplayer so that users can battle against their friends.

All told, the game brings the fun of other shooters to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch pretty seamlessly, even if it isn’t showing gamers anything they haven’t already experienced before. In fact, about the only truly unorthodox thing the game does concerns its business model.

Users who don’t want to play their way through the game and earn more gold overtime can pick some up through in-game purchases they make with real money. Gold packages start at just $4.99 but go as high as $99.99. As such, it’s a pretty good idea for parents to lock down their iPhone or iPad’s in-app purchasing options before handing the game off to their children.

Frontline Commando 2 is only available to iPhones and iPads that are running iOS 5.1 or later. That includes the iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, any iPad past the iPad 2 and the 5th generation iPod Touch.

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