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Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker Line Features Robust Build for the Outdoorsman



Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but we rarely see one that’s rugged and meant for the ultimate outdoorsman. Fugoo thinks it has a solution with its new line of Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and pretty much any other protection that you need.

The speaker consists of an inner core that’s the barebones speaker itself, then users can get different shells for it that range in different colors and protection levels, which Fugoo calls “jackets.” For instance, you can get a jacket that aims for style and then put on a different jacket that aims for ruggedness.

Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

There are three different styles that you can go for, named the Fugoo Style, Sport and Tough. The Style jacket offers an elegant look to the Bluetooth speaker (pictured), the Sport jacket offers good looks mixed with a bit of ruggedness, and the Tough jacket is about as good as it gets, with the company saying that it makes the speaker virtually indestructible.

2014-01-07 20.39.49

The speaker core consists of 360-degree sound made up of two tweeters, two mid/subwoofers, two passive radiators and four active drivers that are all spread out on all four sides of the box. All of this mixed together brings quite the noise that we weren’t expecting when we took a listen for ourselves. Good low-end bass is always hard to accomplish with small Bluetooth speakers, but Fugoo made it happen.

2014-01-07 20.41.34

The bottom of the speaker also has a plate where you can clip on different accessories, like a bike handlebar mount, belt clip and a carabiner clip. Fugoo also has an accompanying fully waterproof Bluetooth smart remote that can attach to a lanyard or even a wristband. This can control the speaker from afar and even activate Siri or Google Now. Also don’t forget about the beer bottle opener on the bottom of the remote.

2014-01-07 20.41.45

The Style is priced at $199, while the Sport and Tough are priced at $229. You can also buy separate jackets if you feel like switching them out between activities, and those are priced at $29 each.

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