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Fujitsu P1510D upcoming review



I’m working with John at Allegiance Technology Partners ( they do free 48 hour demos, you know )  on getting a demo unit of the P1510D. I want to do a video review and post my thoughts on how it compares to the eo experience and the LS800. Depending on when I can get the review unit in, I’d look for that video review in the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has been requesting this.

Just an FYI – my inking experience on the p1510d really stunk when I used it at CES. They have a 80 gram digitizer and it was much worse than the eo in regards to handwriting. With the eo, I could rest my hand on it and feel good that unless my fingernail touched the screen, I wouldn’t get any interferance. With the P1510D, I couldn’t rest my hand on it at all. That said, Linda Epstein at loves hers and doesn’t appear to be giving it up.

What the P1510D has going for it, as compared to all the UMPC devices out there, is the built-in keyboard. There are not any mouse controls or anything, but having that keyboard is nice.


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