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Fujitsu Siemens Expected To Release Amilo Netbook Amid Joint Venture Uncertainty



Liliputing reports that Fujitsu is jumping onto the Netbook bandwagon soon with the release of an 8.9" screen notebook. Details are scarce on the specifics, but price is expected to be between $475-$650. From the pictures, it seems to be running Windows OS. Fujitsu has made ultraportables for as long as I can remember, but their prices have always been stratospheric. This is definitely a welcomed change for Fujitsu Siemens but as everyone probably knows, FSC is one of the late comers in an ever-expanding and, perhaps, supersaturated market.

In related news, the joint venture between Fujitsu and Siemens seems to be up in the air. reports that the German group has decided to cancel its long-term collaboration with Fujitsu that was to have been automatically renewed come September. The joint venture employs some 10,500 people, but due to continual loss of market share over the years, Siemens recently announced a company-wide layoff of 17,000 employees. How this will affect the Netbook is unclear.


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