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Fujitsu ST5032d Tablet PC Review …



-Dennis Rice

Getting the opportunity to do these reviews is great, and a ton of fun (but man does it take time!).  Hehe, I even filmed the FedEx lady delivering the thing.  Maybe if we do enough of these things, we will understand how to produce a video!

I have been using convertible Tablet PC’s for so long now (mainly my Toshiba M200), that I really forgot the pleasure of a great slate Tablet PC experience.  Well, my memory has been revived as I have been using the Fujitsu ST5032d.

In this review, I found myself thinking a lot about the difference between the use of a slate and a convertible.  When I had my HP TC1000, I used it a lot more for handwritten notes as I went about my job each day.  I also did activites such as reading eBooks, since having the smaller, thinner form factor was so comfortable in my hand.  I simply do not do those things with my Toshiba M200 as much (if ever).  I take a lot less notes, and I never read eBooks.  There is definitely a place for both, but after reviewing this piece of equipment, I have developed a new sense of slate lust!

Once again our special thanks go out to Mr. John Hill (and Jen too!) at Allegiance Technology Partners for providing the hardware. Please check out their site for all your Tablet and Ultra Mobile PC needs. We need them to continue to send us hardware for review, and your patronage will help that! They also offer a 48 hour Tablet PC demo for only the cost of the freight!  Great for making that final tablet purchase decision.

Starting price: $2,149, with many accessories including external optical drive.

Let us know what you think and comment with your questions!


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