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Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC Getting Good Press



The big news last week was the official unveiling of Fujitsu’s newest Tablet PC: The T2010. As college students are already making their way back to school, I think Fujitsu hit this one too late. However, like HP’s 2710p Tablet PC, the T2010 will make for a really good student Tablet PC. Read more about the differences between the two here.

Check out this article by Stephen Miller, of the New York Times, as featured in the What I found really interesting is that Miller says the T2010 will be available at most major retailers.  If anyone hits up a Best Buy, Circuit City, or CompUSA, see if you can find one and let us know. To be honest, I don’t recall seeing much of any from Fujitsu at the big box stores, so this will be a welcome surprise if true.

Parents and students seeking a back-to-school computer may want to consider a tablet PC. These convertible devices, which allow you to switch from keyboard to pen input, are ideal for note-taking.

Fujitsu’s Lifebook T2010 is its latest entry into the tablet PC market. As a laptop, it has all the standard features: a 12.1-inch display, 1 to 4 gigabytes of memory, a hard drive of up to 160 gigabytes, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.


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