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Fujitsu T2010 vs HP 2710p InkShow Video Review



t2010 2710p video review  Talk about good timing. While Matt and Warner were in town for our GBM planning meetings and Reader Meetup, John Hill from Allegiance Technology Partners, was able to get us a Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC to do an InkShow with. The T2010 was quite the hit at the GBM Reader Meetup, especially the WXGA bright screen. Warner is beginning the process of shopping for a new tablet pc, so Matt and I pitted the HP 2710p and Fujitsu T2010 against each other to see which one might rise up and maybe become Warner’s next Tablet PC.

We hope this head-to-head comparison is helpful for those trying to decide between the two. As we show in this InkShow video review, the decision is not an easy one, as there are plenty of strengths and weaknesses on both sides of the fence. 

  • Download the high res InkShow here ( 640 x 480, 205mb, 25:41. Right click the download link and choose Save As )
  • Watch the embedded InkShow below
  • Read more about how the two tablet pcs stack up against each other spec wise
  • Watch our HP 2710p Video Review InkShow
  • Visit Allegiance Technology Partners for your Fujitsu Tablet PC needs
  • Correction: the 2710p webcam is 2.0 mp, not 1.3 as stated in the video. Thanks for catching that, James.



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