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Fujitsu U1010 in the house



DSC00061Some of you may have heard that I am preparing to go on holiday shortly (but will continue to post on my travels) and for this reason I have been away from the blog – but it hasn’t stopped me from collecting UMPC! My latest is the Fujitsu U1010 Ultra-Mobile PC and it is absolutely tiny! When the Fujitsu Guy popped round one afternoon to leave it with me I actually wasn’t home; we ended up conversing and agreeing that he would leave it discreetly sitting on a stone bench out the back. When I eventually came home the first thing I did was run to the backyard and grab the device. As I turned the last corner I couldn’t help but pause and laugh to myself – I could not believe that was a PC!


DSC00073It was almost as though I was looking at a Google Map aerial shot of a laptop and yet as I stood there hovering over this little thing I couldn’t help but wonder if I should pick it up, or give it to my 9 month old daughter to play with! Eventually I worked up the courage to grab it and as I went back inside to boot (what we now lovingly term at GBM, the Stormtrooper) I began to realize how important of a revolution this is. While the jury is still out for me I can suggest that the intentions of the U1010 are very good, I’m still not sure about the execution though.


I will be posting a GottaBeMobile InkShow before I get on a plane on the 13th of this month so please let me know if there is anything you want me to cover off. While on my travels I will continue to post so never fear!



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