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Fujitsu U1010 UMPC Video Review

u1010 CNET Asia got their hands on the Fujitsu U1010 UMPC ( aka Storm Trooper ) and has just published a  video review. Check it out here.

In addition, UMPCPortal.com has reported that Fujitsu Singapore has an English website up for the U1010, and with the device selling in Australia for $AU1900, US prices are expected to hit that $1100 familiar price.

There is some good news to pass along here: Unlike previous published specs on the U1010, Fujitsu Singapore shows the U1010 coming with Bluetooth Version 2.0 . That is great news, as it was widely panned by many UMPC and Tablet PC sites for omitting Bluetooth.

Via UMPCPortal.com


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