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Fujitsu U1010/U810 News



Fujitsu U1010No matter what you call it (I still prefer the Storm Trooper, even with the choice of multiple colors) Fujitsu’s U1010/U810 UMPC is an intriguing little device. Some interesting news and pictures are popping out about the device.

First up, Steve “Chippy” Paine reports that the U810 will be shipping (the U810 is the US version) will be shipping with a 4–Cell battery, supposedly giving it 5 hours of battery life.

Next, Derek Jenkins down in Australia, has displayed a series of unboxing photos of the U1010 on Facebook. (I think this is the first Facebook unboxing article I’ve seen. A new trend?)

Also, the Fujitsu U810 is now listed as being on sale on the US site.

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