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Fujitsu updates ST5100 Tablet PC to Core 2 Duo



st5111_15_landscape Looks like the ST5100 series is getting a little bump today!!  Doesn’t appear like there is too much different other than the change in processor – It doesn’t seem like it got the newer Intel integrated graphics though.  Anybody for a 64 bit Vista slate?? For a look at the Core Duo machine, check out the InkShow on the ST5112 if you want to get a feel for the tablet features and pre Core 2 Duo performance.

“As the leader in the development of pen-enabled systems for over 15 years, Fujitsu understands user needs, which is why we are one of the few companies to offer both slate and convertible products,” said Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems. “With perfect balance, exceptional performance, and long battery life, the Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC Series continues its dominance as the slate of choice for highly mobile professionals who benefit from pen-driven input.” More from press release

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