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Fujitsu’s Lifebook A6030: Ink From the Touchpad?



Fujia6030CNET has posted a review of Fujitsu’s Lifebook A6030 laptop and no it is not a Tablet PC. But it does have an interesting feature for those interested in Touch and Ink. Fujitsu calls the feature “point and write” and essentially you point a stylus on the touchpad and the touchpad becomes an input panel. According to the review, you hover the stylus over the pad to move and manipulate the cursor and you can also Ink on the Touchpad which calls up the TIP. The review points to a point of curiosity that I have with the technology in that the small touchpad is a difficult area to “write” in. I’m also not sure why you’d like to navigate a screen with a stylus hovering over a touchpad rather than use your finger to begin with. At any rate, it is an interesting development and I wonder if we’ll see more of this.

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