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Fulcrum Brings Biometric Security to iPod Touch



Fulcrum is releasing a biometric hardware and software solution for the iPod Touch to authenticate its users via fingerprint. The accessory solution will be ideal for sensitive and critical information and could help the adoption of iOS and the iPod Touch device as a mobile computing platform in healthcare, law enforcement, and other government functions where data security concerns are high.

Dubbed the MobileOne, the device includes a hardware sled that connects to the iPod Touch’s dock connector at the bottom for the fingerprint reader hardware to function. The fingerprint authentication software will not work without the required hardware, and scanned fingerprints can either be matched locally on the device or sent wirelessly to a remote server for authentication. Fingerprint reading is based on the FIPS-201/PIV standard.

According to Fulcrum, its MobileOne solution only requires access to the iOS system and communications protocol to work. Using biometrics to unlock a phone is not new. The method was previously employed on a Windows Mobile LG eXpo and on the Android-based Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T.

The accessory itself costs $600 and does not include the iPod Touch. The app is available for free.

Via: Electronista

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