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Fully-Loaded Mac Pro Could Cost as Much as $13,800



If you’re in the market for the new Mac Pro from Apple, be prepared to spend a lot of cash. The cheapest version you can get will cost you $3,000, but what if money doesn’t matter to you and you’re wanting the best, top-of-the-line Mac Pro build? It might cost you $14,000. Unbox Therapy did a bit of research as far as how much a full spec’d Mac Pro might cost, and it certainly isn’t cheap.

Apple’s website lists the Mac Pro and the starting price for each of the two models listed, but you can’t customize your own yet, so it takes some research as far as how much Apple might charge for upgrades for a fully decked out Mac Pro. Unbox Therapy came up with a 12-core CPU, dual GPU, 64GB RAM toting Mac Pro costing almost $14,000.

You might realize that Apple only has quad-core and six-core models listed on the Apple Store, but Apple announced that 12-core units will also be available as a customized option, which means that the six-core $4,000 base model is just one of the entry-level models for the new machine.

According to the research, Unbox Therapy thinks that a 12-core upgrade will cost $2,000, with a GPU upgrade costing $6,000 and 64GB of RAM priced at $800. Furthermore, a 1TB SSD upgrade would probably cost $1,000, making everything a total of $13,800 just for the garbage can-shaped computer itself; this doesn’t factor in the multiple Thunderbolt displays that you’ll want, which cost $1,000 a pop.

Of course, this doesn’t come close to the one-of-a-kind Product (RED) Mac Pro that will likely sell for at least $40,000 for charity, but $14,000 for a computer is pretty insane. Then again, we’re guessing only professionals will take advantage of a system like this. We don’t expect the everyday consumer to even purchase a Mac Pro in the first place.

However, this does prove that insane computing power isn’t cheap, and you’ll definitely cough up the cash if you need the processing power for your projects. It’s certainly one of the most expensive computer figurations we’ve seen, but seeing as this is only an estimate, the actual price of a fully spec’d Mac Pro could be different, so keep that in mind. We’ll be sure to update this with an official price once Apple lets us customize it.

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