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Further Update on Marc Orchant



UPDATE: Here is an encouraging update posted on Oliver Starr’s blog.

Here is another update posted on the original BlogNation post on Marc Orchant. This one is from Randy Burge.

Marc Update: time of visit: 11:30 a.m., MST/USA, Friday, December 7, 2007:

I stopped by the hospital to see how Marc is doing this morning. I was able to visit at some length with Sue who was there with Becca in Marc’s room while I was there with him. Marc’s family is rallied in the family area of the critical care floor at PHS.

Marc remains unconscious, though he is turning his head and responding to some stimuli, and at times seems almost ready to open his eyes. As Michael mentioned in a previous post, Marc’s favorite tunes are serenading him from his iPhone.

According to Sue, he is well past the normal recovery time for regaining consciousness post-incident and post-surgery which is of high concern. She said post-surgery heart response measures showed good signs his heart is recovering well, but the big question is his brain function, since it is unknown how long he may have been without oxygen following the original attack.

Meanwhile, we all remain guardedly optimistic and prayerful for Marc’s full recovery.


 And James Kendrick posts a further update here.

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