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G840XT Usage Notes Quick Update



img_g840XT_general I have been playing with the TabletKiosk GETAC G840XT for a week or so and thought I would put up some of my initial thoughts.

  • Very solid feel
  • Light for being so tough – or at least ‘feels’ light to me
  • GPS works good for being integrated and without an antenna (I have some video of that coming up)
  • I wish my eval had TPC edition on there – but that is a special order as most will be using just the touch feature
  • Touch screen work very well – and the stylus strap is like a elastic cord, it actually is a nice feature
  • IMO it’s a ‘hard’ touch screen – but that has been good while out testing field usage
  • Very surprised at the processor speed – for 800 mhz it zips along pretty well with XP
  • It made it through the shower without harm…
  • Great ‘touch’ friendly menu system to changing volume, brightness and turning on and off system components
  • I’ve been having fun dropping it in front of co-workers
    • It does feel very weird to know that I am dropping a machine that is so expensive – kind of like when we were all at CES
  • Would like to have had some type of integrated tool for removing the battery

If there is anything you would like to know about the machine just let me know!!  This week is going to be jam packed with information about this unit!

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