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Gail Levy and TabletKiosk Does CSI NY



Well, don’t look for TabletKiosk’s Gail Levy on an upcoming episode of CSI New York, but she did get to spend some time behind the scenes of the show on a recent trip. She talks about it on her blog, Mobility Matters, in her ongoing series chronicling her Tablet Tuesdays. She drops the news that CSI NY is going paperless and we’ll be seeing the cast carrying around Tablets for the remainder of the season. That should be cool. My wife is a big fan of the entire CSI gang of shows, and I enjoy seeing them intergrate some pretty amazing technology on those shows. Although, I do wonder where the funds come from in always strapped municipal budgets to pay for all that high tech gear.

But I do have a question and a slight bone to pick with Gail in her ongoing Tablet Tuesdays. She says she didn’t have a Tablet Tuesday last week  because she was at a trade show. Now, Gail, take it from the Gang here at GBM, trade shows and conferences are the perfect environments to take advantage of the mobility that Tablet PCs and UMPCs can offer. We’re going to have to really get Gail trained in right so that her Tablet Tuesdays can turn into Tablet Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, etc….


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