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Galaxy Nexus to Utilize Un-Branded Fortified Glass Touchscreen



It was previously revealed that Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Nexus, with its curved touchscreen display, will not be utilizing the Corning-branded Gorilla Glass display, and now Samsung has chimed in to clarify that the glass screen on the Android smartphone will be a fortified and strengthened glass panel, though not made by Corning. It’s unclear what company will be supplying the glass panels for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.

It’s also unclear at this point how durable or scratch resistant this new fortified glass is compared to Gorilla Glass. Rival Apple also utilizes an unspecified strengthened glass display on its Retina Display for the iPhone 4.

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  1. BrianB13

    10/27/2011 at 7:52 am

    You drop and iPhone and the glass cracks.  For a high end phone, Samsung sure cut a lot of corners with the Nexus.  No Gorilla glass, no Super AMOLED Plus full RGB display, only 5 mp camera instead of 8 or 12 mp, 1.3 mp front camera instead of 2.0 mp, setting the clock speed of the TI OMAP 4460 CPU to 1.2 MHZ instead of 1.5 MHZ, putting in an old GPU instead of using the one the iPhone 4S uses, poor build quality on the back of the phone as evidenced at the announcement.  I suppose the next thing we will find out about the Nexus is that the battery lasts 30 minutes in 4G LTE mode. 

    • Anonymous

      10/27/2011 at 8:42 am

      To be fair there are a number of other Samsung phones that don’t use Gorilla Glass and they show just as much durability as the Gorilla Glass phones.  There are a number of YouTube videos out there demonstrating this if you don’t believe me.  I don’t know what Samsung is using for their glass, but it’s not going to be a fragile thing like the iPhone.

      I also note you already complain about the battery life without having even used the phone, but just previously you complain about the CPU being 1.2 instead of 1.5 MHz.  Did it occur to you that it’s at 1.2 to save on battery life???

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