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Galaxy Note 4 Camera Tips: Everything You Need to Know



This Guide will show you how to use the Galaxy Note 4 camera app to take better photos and show you everything there is to know about the Galaxy Note 4 camera settings and features. You’ll be able to use these Galaxy Note 4 camera tips to master the great camera that Samsung packs into the Note 4 without spending a day and a half reading the manual and going through the Note 4 camera settings on your own.

Samsung packs in a lot of useful options in the Galaxy Note 4 camera. There is a new look to the app from the Note 3 and Note 2 that focuses on the types of photos you take more often and less focus on gimmicky photo options. For users upgrading to the Note 4 from an older model of from the Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5, this is a new area to explore.

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In this guide we will walk through the Galaxy Note 4 camera settings that you need to know, share great Note 4 camera tricks and show you several hidden features you need to look in your settings to find.

Use these Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera tips, tricks and help to do more with your Note 4.

Use these Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera tips, tricks and help to do more with your Note 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization and the ability to record 4k video. There is also a 3.7MP front facing camera that can take wide-selfie photos that are better for getting a whole group in the shot all at once.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera Tips & Tricks

Watch this 12-minute video to learn everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 4 camera tips and tricks. We walk through the features, outline what you can do with the camera and most importantly — how to take better looking photos.

This video walks through 12 main Galaxy Note 4 camera tips and tricks, listed and explained below. Once you know how to use all of these, you will be able to take better looking Note 4 photos using both of the cameras.

  1. Live HDR – Tap this to see what the HDR photo will look like before you take the picture. This can make an otherwise dark photo easy to see before you press the shutter and create a better looking photo overall.
  2. Voice Activated – Say Smile, Cheese, Capture or Shoot to take a photo and Record video to take a video.
  3. Location Tags – Turn this on so your location is attached to a photo. With this you can use apps to see where you took your photos to easily find vacation photos.
  4. Volume Key as a Shutter or Zoom – Pick if the volume key should take a photo or zoom. Many users find this is easier than tapping or pinching the screen.
  5. Shoot 4k Video – Turn on UHD size to record a 4K video instead of just a 1o80P video. A great option if you plan to watch on a new 4K TV.
  6. Take a Better Selfie – You can tap on Mode and choose Rear Cam selfie to take a photo using the better camera when it detects your face. The key to more Instagram likes.
  7. Wide Selfie – Tap to switch to the front facing camera and then tap on Mode to choose Wide selfie. Tilt the phone slowly to take a wider angle selfie.
  8. Slow Motion – Go to the camera settings and then recording mode to choose slow motion. Slow everything down for dramatic effect.
  9. Fast Motion – Go to the camera settings and then recording mode to choose fast motion. Speed up the event for fun and sometimes humorous results.
  10. Selective Focus – Go to Mode and choose selective focus to take a photo at multiple depths of field so that you can choose where the focus is. This lets you blur the background for a better looking photo.
  11. Shot & More – Tap Mode and choose Shot & More to access Best Face, Drama Shot, Eraser and other modes that you may be familiar with on other Samsung devices.
  12. Download New Modes – You can download other modes for the camera by going in to the Download option under Modes. If you miss modes from older cameras, this is where you will find some of them.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera Walkthrough

There are a lot of icons and places to tap on the Galaxy Note 4 camera app. Here is what each of these icons means and where to tap to use of these Note 4 camera features.

Tap on the screen where you want to focus. This is the easiest way to improve every photo you take. Tapping on the area you want to focus and get the exposure for will instantly make your photos look better. Give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here is a Note 4 camera walkthrough.

Here is a Note 4 camera walkthrough.

  1. Switch to the front facing camera.
  2. Turn on HDR preview and HDR mode for richer colors and to see what you are shooting.
  3. Access all of the Galaxy Note 4 camera settings.
  4. See if you have location, voice control, flash, Micro SD or other options turned on.
  5. Switch to Video mode.
  6. Take a photo.
  7. Pick a new mode to use.
  8. See the photos you took in the gallery.

These are the basic Galaxy Note 4 camera functions and features. You can access the settings for greater control over your Galaxy Note 4 camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Settings

When you open up the Galaxy Note 4 camera settings, you can see different controls and options for the Note 4 camera that will help you take better looking photos.

Access the first part of Note 4 settings.

Access the first part of Note 4 settings.

  • … to open more settings.
  • 16M to change the photo quality
  • Filters – choose an automatic filter
  • Timer – Change the timer to get into the photo
  • Turn the Flash on or off.

Tap on Settings to open a small sample of settings and then tap on the three dots to open the rest of the Note 4 camera settings.

Use the Note 4 camera settings to take better photos and simplify the camera.

Use the Note 4 camera settings to take better photos and simplify the camera.

  • Change exposure to make your photo brighter or darker.
  • Turn on an option to take a photo when you tap the screen.
  • Choose to store photos on the Micro SD card or on your phone.
  • Review photos after you take them, like on many point and shoot cameras.
  • Automatically set the ISO or choose to manually set it for more control.
  • Choose video size, UHD is 4K.
  • Turn on Grid lines to better compose a photo.
  • Reset all settings in case you mess something up.
  • Choose to set the white balance based on the environment or manually.
  • Change recording mode to take fast motion and slow motion videos on the Note 4.
  • Voice Control lets you take a photo with a voice command.
  • Metering modes allow you to choose how the camera detects exposure.
  • Turn Video Stabilization on or off.
  • Turn the Galaxy Note 4 shutter sound off.
  • Turn HDR mode on or off from here, this is in addition to the main screen.
  • Choose to Geo Tag your photos or not.
  • Choose if the volume key zooms or takes a photo.

You can control these settings to change how your photos look. Each of these will change some part of the photo or video, allowing you to tweak the Note 4 camera to take a photo that looks better than just grabbing the camera out of the box.



  1. bunny

    02/10/2015 at 6:16 pm

    Is there no way to get this phone to take pictures with both cameras at the same time, like anew s4??

    • Salman

      07/28/2015 at 9:42 am

      Yes there is a way, it’s dual camera mode.

  2. David

    03/25/2015 at 8:30 pm

    Thank you for making this page and especially the video. I just went from a Note 3 to a Note 4 this week. I did not see the eraser in the camera modes for the 4 and I was starting to get aggravated, I thought the 4 was missing something I often used on my 3. Your video explained how to get to it. I also couldn’t figure out what the rear selfie did, I would have never figured it out on my own and the on screen directions did not explain it, but I makes perfect sense when you explained it in the video.

  3. Todd

    08/13/2015 at 4:45 pm

    how do you get settings on your camera mode? mine doesn’t have it on the screen

  4. philla

    11/03/2015 at 12:49 pm

    The pictures for my phone are very bad something is not right but don’t know what’s wrong the sellfie is even worse I can’t even down load other apps when I click on down load it gives me an error saying i must check my connections I’m getting fastrated now pls help


  5. James Stefferson

    12/18/2015 at 9:47 am

    Does this camera have a zoom lens?

  6. Sylvua

    01/10/2016 at 9:38 am

    How 2 turn flash on like note3

  7. Vijay

    02/27/2016 at 6:59 pm

    Can we tak selfie by show the palm

  8. Nawaz

    03/06/2016 at 2:29 am

    Stand out even in the million , the samsung note 4 camera is the best for recording & photo….but my SM N910c have not recordin mode to record the slow ,smoth ect……..deshang….

  9. Allan

    06/08/2016 at 9:34 am

    How can you see the date and time on the pictures when you atake a photo?

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