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Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6: 5 Things to Know in May



Screen Size + Resolution

Screen Size + Resolution

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature 5.1-inch Quad HD displays. They're absolutely stunning and if you haven't seen them in person, do yourself a favor. They are incredible and as good as you're going to get from a smartphone right now. 

The Galaxy Note series is well known for its large, high-resolution displays that work well for games and with the device's S Pen. The Galaxy Note 5 is, unsurprisingly, rumored to have an S Pen. Rumors also suggest that it will come with a big screen to boot. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors continue to hint at one of two 5.7-inch+ display panels: A Quad HD display that would bring the same resolution as the Galaxy S6 or an Ultra HD (4K) display. The company is apparently readying UHD technology for use in its smartphones but it's not clear if it will be ready in time for the Note 5.

Samsung is reportedly testing both of the displays on Galaxy Note 5 prototypes behind the scenes and it could take weeks, even months, before it decides on one. Either way, it's looking like the Galaxy Note 5 will come with a big screen that features a high-resolution that's on par with the Galaxy S6. The biggest difference could wind up being the size.

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