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Galaxy S II Passes 10 Million Mark, Fastest Samsung Smartphone Sold to Date



Samsung had sent out a press release to inform the world that its Galaxy S II is the company’s fastest smartphone sold to date and the Super AMOLED Plus dual-core Android super phone has now surpassed the 10 million units sold mark.

The device is an upgrade and evolution of the original Galaxy S 1 device released last year. With the Galaxy S II, the remarkable thing about the 10 million number is that the device is only beginning to roll out in the U.S. for Sprint, and  T-Mobile and AT&T will begin offering their versions of the flagship smartphone in October.

“Since its launch in late April 2011, the GALAXY S II has seen continued sales success, demonstrating Samsung’s industry-leading capabilities in – and commitment to – the smartphone market” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business.

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It looks like despite Apple’s battle with Samsung, the Galaxy S II is doing strong, aided by powerful specs such as large display–the international version has a 4.3-inch display while Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s versions both have 4.52-inch screens, Super AMOLED Plus technology, and dual-core Exynos processors–the T-Mobile version will rely on a dual-core Qualcomm chip instead.

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