Galaxy S4 Release Date Pegged for February for Fourth Time
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Galaxy S4 Release Date Pegged for February for Fourth Time



The Galaxy S4 Release Date is again rumored for February or March 2013, this time in an analyst note that includes hints of an unbreakable display.

In a note to investors, shared by Cnet, Doug Freedman an analyst with RBC Capital Markets talks about the Samsung handset roadmap speculating on the timing of the Galaxy S4 release.

This is the fourth voice to point to a Galaxy S4 launch in February, likely at Mobile World Congress. The most recent February Galaxy S4 launch rumor came from the Korea Times, following up on rumors from November.

Freedman notes,

Galaxy 4 likely ships a month early if carriers want it at end of March, [semiconductor companies]…support will start mid-Feb,

Recent rumors also point to a Galaxy S4 release in the first half of 2013. This rumor comes form the less reliable DigiTimes, but lines up with Freedman’s estimates on when Samsung and suppliers will be ready to introduce a device with an unbreakable display.

Reuters first suggested the Galaxy S4 could feature an unbreakable display, noting that the innovation may not arrive until the galaxy S5. The rumor also talked of a flexible display. Freedman puts Samsung’s ability to deliver a Galaxy smartphone with a flexible display at the first half of 2014.

Galaxy S4 Logo

Rumors offer conflicting Galaxy S4 release dates.

The flexible, unbreakable display is something Samsung has worked on for some time, as shown in this demo video from 2010.

If Freedman is correct, and the Galaxy S4 launches in February with carrier release dates in March of 2013, we shouldn’t expect new screen tech, just the 5-inch 1080P HD display that’s been rumored.

Even with multiple sources pointing to a February launch event for the Galaxy S4 at MWC, it’s not a done deal. In our look at possible Galaxy S4 release dates, Gotta Be Mobile Editor Adam Mills predicts the Galaxy S4 will arrive in May with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Mills shares the reasoning behind this later launch date, and why the Galaxy S4 may be missing in action at MWC 2013, at least from the public’s eye.

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Rumors suggest the Galaxy S4 will feature a 4.99-inch 1080P HD display, at least 2GB RAM and could run Samsung’s Exynos 5440 quad-core processor.



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