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Galaxy S5 Price Drops to $99 or Lower with Trade at Target



Target cut the Galaxy S5 price to $99 or lower with a new trade-in program that promises at least $100 for any smartphone that Target accepts trades on.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date arrives Friday on multiple carriers and users looking for a Galaxy S5 deal can trade in an old phone at Target to save big. This comes as the Verizon Galaxy S5 price drops to $99 at Amazon where the device promptly sold out.

Target sells the Galaxy S5 on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, but not on T-Mobile.

Galaxy S5 buyers that want to pick up the new smartphone in a local Target can take an older Android or iPhone into a local store and get at least $100 for the device. If the smartphone is worth more Target will pay users more. Compare other trade-in prices for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.

Target offers a Galaxy S5 deal which cuts the price to at least $99 with a trade.

Target offers a Galaxy S5 deal which cuts the price to at least $99 with a trade.

This deal is only valid at Target stores which sell the Galaxy S5, so users will want to check that out before getting too excited. Target offers an online catalog to check the price of your old iPhone or Android phone before you go to the store.

Users can trade in the old phone at Target and get a $100 coupon valid that day on a Samsung Galaxy S5 purchased on a two-year contract. The deal runs through April 26th and requires the phone be something Target accepts as a trade and it must power on without any broken parts. The phone does not need to be on your current contract, so if an older phone you have in a drawer is in the catalog and still works it could help sweeten this deal.

Users can search for their trade-in price using the Target Trade-in search catalog. If the catalog shows a price below $100, then this deal is better than the average trade from Target. It is a good idea to check Gazelle and other trade-in services as well.


If you are trading from an iPhone or even a recent Android phone you may be losing up to $100 by trading in instead of selling it yourself on eBay or Craigslist.  Shoppers can use the advanced search on eBay to see how much their phone is currently selling for on the auction service.

For some users the benefit of selling the iPhone or Galaxy S3 or other Android device direct to Target is in the hassle free trade, and instant access to a discount.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date arrives this week with a base price of $199 on a two-year contract, but deals are already offering discounts that can push the price lower for savvy shoppers that still want to buy the Galaxy S5 on release day.

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