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Which Galaxy S6 Color to Buy: Gold, White or Black?



There are three Samsung Galaxy S6 color options to choose from, and many buyers are already asking, “Which Galaxy S6 color should I buy?”

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge come in three color options, with a special color option for the Galaxy S6 Edge. With a completely new design this year that uses a Gorilla Glass 4 back, and this year we see new color options.

Yes, we’ve seen gold, black and white Galaxy S smartphones before, but the new design and the new color flourishes deliver a new look that users will want to take notice of when trying to pick the best Galaxy S6 color.

Starting on March 27th there is an option to go in store at many carriers to see the Galaxy S6 in person, including the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge colors in person. After looking at the new Galaxy S6 colors that shimmer behind the glass back, this is an option you will likely want to take advantage of.

Here's the help you need top pick the best Galaxy S6 color option for you.

Here’s the help you need top pick the best Galaxy S6 color option for you.

Samsung offers more Galaxy S6 color options, but in the U.S. we’ll only see three main options from the U.S. carriers. In the future this could grow with added special color options. AT&T confirmed all three color options, while U.S. Cellular only plans to offer black and white.

The official colors are Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum, but most users will drop the special name and go with black, white and gold. Unlike the iPhone 6, the front color of the Galaxy S6 matches the back color on all models.

Galaxy S6 Colors: Entertainment

With three Galaxy S6 color options to choose from, users will want need to make a choice that will vary depending on how they use their device and personal preference about how distracting the color around the display is.

When picking out a new phone, some users find a color other than black around the screen distracting. The bezels around the black Galaxy S6 are like those on your HDTV and computer monitor. A black bezel can deliver a more immersive experience for users while watching movies or TV shows and while playing games.

After using a white Galaxy S5 and a black Galaxy Note 4 there is nothing wrong with watching a video with the white bezels, but it is something that many users will have a preference on. The gold bezel is an option we haven’t tested, but expect it to be similar to the white option in terms of entertainment.

Galaxy S6 Colors: Style

The white Galaxy S6 color option is the most neutral option, but many users may be interested in going for the gold Galaxy S6 option. This is especially true if you want the phone to match your gold jewelry or other accessories. Gold smartphones aren’t rare, but there is something about gold that does stand out while you are using it.

Galaxy S6 Edge & Galaxy S6 Color Options

There are only three Galaxy S6 color option available in the U.S., but there are other options available. The photos below show the Galaxy S6 color options coming to U.S. carriers.

Galaxy S6 Colors: Scratches & Discoloration

The two biggest concerns about the buying the right Galaxy S6 color in the long run are, “Will it scratch easily? and “Will the color wear or discolor after use?”

With a new design we can’t say for certain how these colors will hold up, but with a Gorilla Glass 4 cover on the front and back of the device we think there is little to worry about.

This strong cover can keep the Galaxy S6 color underneath it safe from scratches and as long as users keep the glass clean there shouldn’t be a large amount of smudges or discoloration. Just remember to take the Galaxy S6 out of any case you plan to use every other month and wipe the phone and the case clean.

Galaxy S6 Cases

There are a wide array of Galaxy S6 cases available, and many color options. In the U.S. we may only see a few of the official options in the main three colors, but we will see a range of brighter and varied colors available elsewhere. If you plan to add a Galaxy S6 case to your phone, you should find an option in gold, white and black, but you can check out some of the color options below.

Which Galaxy S6 Color Should I Buy?

When it comes down to it, the Galaxy S6 color option buy is completely up to your personal preference. In a survey of nearly 30,000 iPhone buyers last year the black option was the most popular, with a near tie for the silver(white) and gold models. Here’s the bottom line on picking a Galaxy S6 color.

  • Black Sapphire Galaxy S6 – You’ll be watching a lot of movies, you don’t like white phone fronts.
  • White Pearl Galaxy S6 – You want the Galaxy S6 color that works with any colors and cases available.
  • Gold Platinum Galaxy S6 – You want a Galaxy S6 that stands out and you don’t plan on using a case.

Let us know which Galaxy S6 color or Galaxy S6 colors you buy in the poll below.

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  1. Far

    08/21/2015 at 12:28 am

    Golden is by far the best mainly because it is just one color and hence a perfect look. Others have different colors on the sides

  2. Billy Ewing

    07/23/2016 at 10:27 am

    A lot people like gold which is understandable I do why but I just don’t like the color gold I like white gold

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