Gamers Can Play Xbox One Games As They Download
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Gamers Can Play Xbox One Games As They Download



The Xbox One will let gamers play games on their console as they download them from Xbox Live.

Microsoft today confirmed to Polygon that it will let gamers play games as they download them to their Xbox One, eliminating some of the wait time. Gamers will still have to wait for part of the game to download, but once the initial download is complete gamers can start the game while later levels download in the background.

The feature is also found in the PlayStation 4. At the unveil of the console Sony announced that gamers would be able to play games as they download to the console.

Xbox One

Sony also showed that gamers can choose to download single-player or multiplayer portions of games first depending on what they want to play first. Microsoft may give gamers a similar option, which would be useful for gamers playing games like Call of Duty: Ghosts or Halo.

Microsoft previously confirmed that gamers can play disc-based games as they install on the hard drive of the console. Gamers will have to install every Xbox One game to the hard drive, though they still need the disc in order to play the games. The current Xbox 360 gives gamers an option to install games on the hard drive, but gamers can’t play those games as they install.

Every disc-based Xbox One game will also be available for download through Xbox Live for gamers who don’t feel the need to own a physical disc. The ability to play those games as they download will help gamers with slower Internet speeds so they don’t have to wait hours for a game to download. It will also help gamers with fast Internet speeds, as they can get into their games even faster.

The Xbox One will come to stores sometime this November for $499.99. Pre-orders are available now, but are quickly running out at several retailers.

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