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GameStop Black Friday 2014 Deals Ad Leaks Big Savings



With just roughly ten days left until the official start of its Black Friday 2014 deals GameStop hasn’t yet shared any information about what it’ll offer, officially. Thanks to leaks though we already know that GameStop plans to kick off the holiday season with two amazingly low priced Xbox One and PS4 console bundle, plus discounts on games and accessories.

Bfads posted screenshots of what appears to be a legitimate Black Friday 2014 deals ad for the United States’ largest independent gaming retailer. The entire ad is filled with amazing deals on games and accessories. Still, steep discounts on the Xbox One and PS4 are the most insane part of the coming savings event.

gamestop 2014 ad

GameStop is cutting the price of an Xbox One without a Kinect 2 sensor to just $330. That represents another $20 in savings for potential buyers this holiday season. Before Microsoft’s own temporary price cut, the Xbox One cost $400 without a Kinect 2 sensor. Last year the only way to purchase the Xbox One was in a $500 bundle. This $330 console will include digital copies of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. The Xbox One with Kinect 2 sensor that normally costs $500 will be discounted to just $430 as a part of the Black Friday 2014 deals GameStop shoppers can expect. GameStop says that it’ll only offer this deal to shoppers on Friday, November 28th and Saturday, November 29th. Those who do purchase an Xbox One during these deals will also see a $30 price cut on a year of Xbox Live Gold. Normally, a year subscription costs $30.

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Potential PS4 users are getting savings of a different kind. GameStop isn’t slashing the price of the PS4 in any of its Black Friday 2014 deals. Instead, it’s giving away two of the best games to have been released on the console this year: Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered. Both games will come free with every PS4 GameStop sells and the retailer isn’t limiting the sales to just Black Friday Weekend. Grand Theft Auto V is launching today on the Xbox One and PS4 for $60 by itself.

Some recent games like The Evil Within and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition are getting $30 in price cuts. Sports games like Madden 15 and FIFA 15 will have their prices cut to just $40. Normally, they’d still cost $60. These price cuts include both the Xbox One and PS4 versions. GameStop is slashing the price on the Xbox One wireless controller to just $44, down from $60.

For Xbox 360 users, GameStop is slashing the price of some things in a pretty big way. NBA 2K15 is just $40. So too is WWE 2K15. The newly available Assassin’s Creed Rogue will cost Xbox 360 and PS3 users $45 instead of $60. The Xbox 360 Call of Duty Bundle will cost just $200.

MLB 14 and Infamous Second Son will cost just $21 each. GameStop is slashing the price of the PS4 Camera to $40. That’s down from $60m normally. The PS4 Camera allows users to give the console voice commands and navigate its interface without a controller. Controllers for the PS4 themselves will cost just $45. Both of these deals are for Friday and Saturday only.

Things aren’t that exciting for Nintendo users. Still, there’s a new Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Start Pack coming for just $65. Disney Infinity figures will cost just $13. That’s down from $15.

All told, GameStop’s Black Friday 2014 deals aren’t too bad for those who have a now-current generation console, or from those looking to upgrade this holiday. GameStop will kick off its Black Friday 2014 deals with a midnight opening at event at many of its stores. The stores that aren’t open at midnight will open at 8AM on November 28th. The company is encouraging shoppers to call ahead to their local stores on opening time or check its website.

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