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GameStop Midnight Event for The Division Release Confirmed



Video game retailer GameStop won’t make its shoppers wait until tomorrow morning to pick up their copies of Ubisoft’s The Division. Over the weekend the retailer confirmed midnight pick up for The Division release and a few deals that’ll save shoppers some real money.

GameStop revealed that some of its stores are staying open late to handout copies of The Division with an update to the events page on its website late Friday. The Division is an open-world third-person shooter set in New York City. A virus has caused the collapse of every government institution in America’s greatest city. It’s up to the agents that players create to piece together the mysteries surrounding the outbreak and help protect what is left. Ubisoft first showed off The Division at the Electronic Entertainment Expo a few years ago. Besides Microsoft’s Quantum Break and Sony’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Division is this spring’s must-have video game.

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At midnight Eastern Standard Time, everyone that pre-ordered a physical disc of The Division will be able to pick up their copy at many of GameStop’s retail stores across the country. Officially, The Division release date is March 8th on Windows PCs, Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 video game console.

Rather than force players in each time zone to wait until midnight, GameStop will begin sales across the country once the clock strikes midnight in the Eastern United States. Central time shoppers can look forward to picking up their copy at 11:01PM. Mountain time shoppers will get the game at 10PM. Pacific time users will get their copies of the game at 9:01 PM.


The timing matches what we already know about Ubisoft’s plans for The Division release. The company plans to let users access the game’s servers beginning at midnight Eastern Standard Time too.

Doors at participating GameStop retail locations will open at 9PM tonight. Anyone planning to participate in the midnight launch events needs to pay for their copy of the game in full and get a final receipt. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck waiting in line far after the game is available. Gamestop is encouraging users to make their trade-ins and payoffs around 9PM so that they can head home and enjoy the game as soon as possible.

Besides revealing midnight The Division release details this past weekend, GameStop also began offering a few deals.


The outlet will give $50 in credit to anyone and everyone that purchases an Xbox One bundle between today and March 12th. That makes sense given Microsoft’s promotional deal with Ubisoft for The Division. For example, anyone that purchases The Division Xbox One Bundle gets gift card. To be clear, this gift card isn’t for Microsoft’s Xbox Store, but for GameStop specifically.

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The Division Xbox One bundle comes with a physical copy of The Division, an Xbox One Wireless Controller, a two-week trial to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service, an HDMI cable and a set of batteries to use with the controller. On Xbox One and PS4, players need a subscription to each platform’s online services to play the game. The Division also requires a high-speed internet connection, even for users that don’t plan on playing the game with anyone else.


GameStop will also sell copies of The Division for $35 to users that trade-in one of a select set of games toward their purchase. The latest Pokémon games, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3 and more are a part of this deal on The Division. This deal lasts until March 20th, roughly a week after the first deal expires.

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1 Comment

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